Kitchen Hand

Looking for a foot into the hospitality industry? No experience required as we’ll give you the start you’re looking for

Who are we? BaaOinkMoo launches later this year as Western Sydney’s newest Korean BBQ and Bar

Based in EdSquare Edmondson Park. BaaOinkMoo “B.O.M” is a new-age Korean BBQ that brings our patron together to feast on good quality meats, set within a neon-lit industrialist restaurant that serves as a great hang out destination.

Qualifications & Experience

  • Operation of an Industrial Dishwasher
  • Cleaning & washing up responsibilities
  • Manual Handling
  • Correct application of chemicals for cleaning purposes
  • Supporting the Chefs with food preparation and general kitchen duties
  • Compliance with Food Safety

Employment  Type

  • Part Time
  • Full Time

How to apply?

Just send us a video introduction of yourselves, doesn’t need to be a highly produced KPOP music clip (though Bailey, our owner, will be very impressed). Oh yes include a resume as that’ll help us understand you too.

Oh if you prefer to email, apply here.

Prefer Email applications?

Send your application to and tell us about yourselves, include your resume as well!

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